23 November 2007

Something To Be Thankful For

Today something wonderful happened.

My Eldest Son has been having a running battle with his soon-to-be ex over his two boys. He hasn't seen them in quite some time because of it.

A couple of days ago she called and asked if my wife and I would take the kids for the month and bring them back when we went to Florida after Christmas. Of course we jumped at the chance.

We said nothing to ES because he has been disappointed in the past. Everyone else knew except him. A family conspiracy, so to speak.

The boys arrived just a while ago while their dad was away from the house. When he got home his jaw hit the floor, and for the past hour he has not let them go. I can't say I blame him.

Happy late Thanksgiving Son. I love you.


Hammer said...

That is terrific news!

Larry said...

Yes it is, they are quite the handful but it's good having them. Eldest Son is sure enjoying having them around, too.
Hope you are feeling better Hammer, thanks for dropping by!