30 January 2008

The Taxman Cometh

I worked half the year at one company and half the year at another.

Because of that my income from each place was taxed at a lower rate, but my combined income from both places, plus my retirement pay, puts me in the next higher tax bracket. I'm not quite in the class of evil hated rich, but it looks like I'm into UMC territory. I just wonder where it all goes.

The end result is, I owe an additional 1 large more in taxes than I have already paid. All this on a single income, no less. I now have a big BS flag to wave at those who claim "You can't make it on a single income these days."

I have now become a supporter of Mike Huckabee because of his stand on the Fair Tax. Since only RINOs are running, I might as well get something for my trouble.


Hammer said...

There is an alternative method where you can figure up all the sales tax you spent last year and deduct it along with any mortgage interest , property taxes and charitable contributions.

Turbo tax saved my butt this year.

good luck!

Larry said...

Thanks Hammer. I'm trying to figure a way to get my kid's tuition to qualify as a write-in. Thanks for dropping by!