18 September 2009

How To Feed The World

Iowahawk has a well deserved reputation for bringing on teh funneh. But, every once in the while he shows his serious journalistic roots.

He has done so here, with a report of the death of an Iowa farmer. Not just any Iowa farmer, but noted agronomist and Nobel Peace Prize winner (when such things actually meant something) Norman Borlaug. He was 95.

His greatest contribution to the world was showing us how to get more yield per acre for grain crops such as wheat. In this simple way, he fed more people than all the past, present or future Live Aid concerts ever given.

You don't feed the hungry by confiscating wealth from the rich and giving that wealth to African dictators. You feed the hungry by showing African farmers how to get the most out of their cropland, and that's what Norman spent his life doing.

Rest in peace Mr. Borlaug. Well done.

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