18 December 2009

That's Just Awesome

Apparently "Monster Hunter's International" has found it's way, complete with patches, into the hands of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

That's one fine looking patch!

In other news, Monster Hunter is still selling well and the second installment is due next fall. You can read a snippet from it here.

Additionally, author Larry Correia has another sort of book in the works that you can read about here. It should be on bookstore shelves in 2011.

All I can say is, keep them coming! It looks like I have a new favorite author.

Picture from Monster Hunter Nation


Rick R. said...

Better yet is the "ZOMBIE" skill tab he's wearing. . .

Larry said...

heh...that is cool.

Not being Army (Go Navy, Beat Army!) I didn't realize that was a skill set. That just makes the patch all the better.

Thanks for dropping by Rick!