25 April 2010


I don't usually remember dreams, but this one I did.

In the dream I was attending some sort of class (I can't recall what) and there was going to be an early morning session at which some sort of breakfast would be served.

I showed up early at the same time as one other classmate (I can't even remember his face), but we weren't the first ones there. We greeted each other at the door and walked in. There were perhaps a dozen tables of various types, decorated in various ways from elaborate to simple to not at all. Each table had an index card on it with a price, the lowest I saw on a plain undecorated table was $25.

The four or five people that had arrived before us were all sitting around a table that had an elaborate floral arrangement in the middle of it. As we approached they snubbed me, but not my companion. He sat at a plain table next to theirs, I picked a desk that was decorated with a green blotter and various writing and reference materials. It looked to me like the sort of desk you would find in a private study. The index card on the desk said $40.

There was a comfortable looking desk chair behind it, so I sat down there. There were roughly a half dozen other chairs of various types around the perimeter of the desk, some of them were bar stools and some of them were wooden kitchen chairs, some of them were the upholstered types that you might find at a dining room table.

The first chair wasn't as comfortable as it looked so I moved one seat counter-clockwise to a captain's chair type of bar stool that put my knees just below the level of the desktop. It was taller than I would have liked, but more comfortable. Others joined me until all the chairs were taken. Each table got a carafe of coffee, ours was a plastic container with a Styrofoam wrap. It reminded me of the sort of pitcher you get for water at a hospital.

Various people walked up to the desk (none of them in our little group) and helped themselves to our coffee until I finally got the pitcher and started to pour myself a cup. A couple showed up, plainly expecting me to pour them some coffee. I told them there was only one cup left as I poured it into my own Styrofoam cup. The woman wandered off, but the man became slightly combative. I told him there was nothing he had that I wanted more than that coffee, he called me selfish and I replied "I am John Galt." He walked off in a snit (I don't know how he fit into it).

My cup turned out to have a slow leak pinhole in the side near the bottom, and as I drank my coffee I found another bigger hole next to it. I ended up having to hold my fingers over the holes to keep it from draining out.

In the manner of dreams I remember my desk-mates and I laughed and made small talk. The mood was jovial, but I don't remember any faces or any of the subjects we talked about. About that time I noticed that there were pastries at some of the other tables, but none at ours.

I really wish I could tell you what happened next, but about that time I woke up.

I'm sure some brain analyst could tell me what it all means, but I just found it interesting because I remembered it at all.

Apropos of nothing, I suppose, I always dream in color and surround sound. I am also always aware that it is a dream, and I am able to rewind it and change something if I don't like the way it is going. Other people tell me that is weird, but I've always been able to do it.


Jarhead Mike said...

I think it means that you're plumb crazy, but not crazy enough to pour a cup of joe for some snobby self-important jackass.
But what the hell do I know - I'm crazy myself.

Larry said...

One day I hope to be rich enough to be eccentric...until then I guess I'm just plain nuts.
Thanks for dropping by JM!