02 October 2010

Fate Does What She Wants

I have just been informed that Middle Daughter, she who wanted no children of her own, has found out that Fate is unconcerned about her wishes.

The new arrival should be here in June, two months past their first anniversary.


LC Aggie Sith said...

That bitch Fate can be wily ;)

Congrats on the upcoming baby, Larry!!

Larry said...

Thanks Aggie.
The prospective mommy is hoping for a little red-headed girl that she can name after the grandmother that the child will never get a chance to meet.
According to the doc, the due date should be early June. Last June we gathered to say goodbye, next June we will gather to say hello.
Thanks for dropping by!

cary said...

Congratulations, Larry, on your pending Grandfatherhood! And to MD and her husband for their pending sleepless night-ness!

Larry said...

Thanks Cary. Methinks Grand-dad will get to see a lot of the little tyke when he's not working (not that he will mind, you understand).
Thanks for dropping by!

Guy S said...

Ahhhhh just wait for that phone call a few years down the road. The one where your daughter calls (perhaps stifling a sniff or two) . "Dad I just had a run in with your grandchild, and when it was over and done, I realized I was sounding just like my parents!!!"

Congratulations!! Here is to a healthy pregnancy, baby, and all the joy a new baby brings.

Larry said...

I might have had that conversation with my own Dad a time or two, but it went more like "Dad, remember when I was a teenager and thought you were a complete idiot? You sure have gotten a lot smarter since then..."
Thanks for dropping by Guy!