27 March 2014


I can't sign into my Hotmail account because they want me to put in a security code.

They want to text or email me that code, but I don't want to give them my phone number or any other email address.

Windows 8 requires me to sign in using my Windows Live (hotmail) account...so I can't delete it.

I'm tempted to wipe both these computers and load something else on them instead. Then I'll close my Hotmail account and microsloth can go right to hell.

Only problem is...I don't want to work hard enough for Linux, and that's about the only alternative for an OS.

Oh what a tangled web we weave...


RabidAlien said...

You should be able to log in to Win8 with a local account. At risk of getting caught in your spam-trap, here's a link to TechRepublic with steps to get on with a local account:

www dot techrepublic dot com/blog/windows-and-office/quick-tip-change-to-a-local-account-in-windows-81/

Larry said...

Problem is, I've already set them up, so to regress to a local account I basically have to wipe them back to initial configurations...which means everything I've downloaded and installed (including my printer) gets wiped out.

I really liked Windows 7 for the brief time I got to work with it. Windows 8 sucks balls, and windows 8.1 isn't any better.

Classic Shell IMO makes it tolerable, but doesn't decrease the suck factor by even a micro-tor. YMMV.