11 June 2014

Good Lord

Can somebody please explain to me what it was that Miss Nevada/Miss USA said that was so damn controversial? Sounds to me like she's got her gray matter in place and fully engaged.


Erin Palette said...

It's controversial because it encourages personal responsibility instead of making it a matter for society and the state.

Larry said...

That shouldn't be controversy, that's common sense. *facepalm*

Thanks for dropping by Erin!

RabidAlien said...

Common Sense is so uncommon these days it should be classified as a super power. Watch "Miss Congeniality"....boring, silly little mystery/crime drama/comedy, but there are parts in the pageant where Sandra Bullock's character reveals some basic truths. The bit where all the other girls answer the question "World Peace! :giggle:", and Sandra answers something like "tougher consequences for parole violators"....and you can hear crickets until she adds "....aaaand world peace." There are set answers, responses that are "approved". This woman's answer was not on the list. She deserves every bit of that crown, in my opinion.

Larry said...

Yes she absolutely does, and I wish we had more like her.

I also wish I was 20 years younger...but that's another thing altogether. :D

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Eainsdad said...

Like most modern day "activists" these modern feminists do not wish to engage in any activity or take responsibility for anything themselves. They want to exercise control over others by voicing their outrage over conditions that no one has control over and then attempting to bully society into making drastic changes to correct that situation that no one has control over.
Modern activists are all wishful thinking and unicorn chasing.

Larry said...

The sad thing is how they seem to be able to get almost everyone else on the unicorn chasing train with them.

Thanks for dropping by Eainsdad!