15 January 2015


Yeah, they were just here.

They spent an hour demonstrating how the brand-new Kirby can pick up more dirt in an hour than the old Kirby can pick up in 5 minutes, and then offered me a great deal on the new one. I think they were a bit put out when I pointed out the two machines were identical besides the color of the bag and declined their generous offer.

The old one would probably work better if I put it to work more often.


Da Curly Wolf said...

you hurt their feeeeellings Larry. shame on you. :P I loved my old fantom vac. even on deaths door it was picking up a ton. alas it died. I couldn't afford a dyson so I got a Hoover cyclonic. refurbed for $80. Now if people would stop adjusting the wheel height settings to their lowest and I can just figure out a fix to keep the belt from slipping off drive rod[been doing that a lot lately. irritates the hell out of me] then all will be golden

Larry said...

They have the rest of their lives to get over it. :D

Thanks for dropping by CW!

Robert Fowler said...

We've got a Kirby. It sits in the closet and I can't remember the last time we used it. A couple of years ago we bought a Shark. She loves the way it cleans and only weighs about half as much as the Kirby.

Larry said...

At least I got a carpet shampoo out of it. :D