30 December 2015

Nice To Be Home Again

Eleven states and both families have been visited in the past ten days. Gifts and greetings have been exchanged and a good time was had by all.

We got back home today in the rain to find the roof still leaks in the kitchen and bathroom. As I type this missive I am listening to pieces falling off the kitchen ceiling.

I guess for the new year I'm going to break down and put a new roof on the Refuge...and one on the Mustang as well, for the same reason.

Be it ever so waterlogged, there's no place like home...


Home on the Range said...

Larry - I hope this new year is more happiness than sad, more adventure than drudgery and new friends and roads to explore.

Larry said...

Thank you Brigid, I hope this year brings you good things as well. That being said, last year was a good one for me.

Thanks for dropping by!