29 February 2008

Another New Link

I have long been a fan of Drew Carey, I think it's the portliness and glasses that attract me-in a purely platonic, non-creepy sort of way, of course.

I stumbled upon this by way of an ad on a blog that I was reading by way of another blog that I got to by way of, I think, AD's blog, so I can 't really tell you where I got it.

What exactly is "it" you ask? It is a series of videos that were filmed by Mr. Carey illustrating some of the results of government actions. Things like eminent domain, a personal favorite of mine, being used to seize land to turn over to private developers under the guise of improving the tax base - excuse me, "redevelopment."

Mr. Carey describes himself as a Libertarian leaning conservative, which should give you an idea of where his stand is regarding the issues he addresses. The shows are kind of like a visual John Stossel column.

The link is to Episode 1, which explores free-market alternatives to traffic woes in Los Angeles, with links to all the other videos so far filmed. I plan to check it regularly.

Photo from TV Guide's website.

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