23 February 2008

It - Is - ALIIIIIIIEEYVahh!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mighty Rampage rides again...again.

The problem has been tracked down to the 26 year old charcoal canister coming apart, the "rat turds" are actually bits of charcoal and foam from the canister. A rebuilt carb, an inline filter in the canister line, and all is well.

The tank has been dropped and looked clean as a whistle, the lines have all been replaced, and I even rewired the radio connection to use a factory radio. I need to do a bit of tuning to the idle, but otherwise it runs as good as it ever has.

This car/truck gets 28 MPG during my commute, even better than the fuel injected Aries, and I have really missed driving it because it's a fun little car/truck. I'm glad to have it back on the road.

I may need a battery, but that's easy.

The motor rattle in the Aries turned out to be an auxiliary shaft. With the shaft changed out the rattle went away.

My eldest son hit a deer with his mom's Pontiac a couple of nights ago, so we had to go junkyard diving for a headlight and marker light. We were hoping for a fender and hood as well, but this color is kind of difficult to find. I'm just glad he didn't scoop the deer up and put it in his lap.

And he didn't even bring the deer home.

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