21 March 2008

Better Than A Good Day At Work

That's what I have officially had.

It didn't start off all that well.

We got into the fishmobile and had no brakes. So, we had to make a run to the parts store and get another new master cylinder.

While I was doing that, the UPS guy showed up with another carberator for the Rampage, which has been plagued with idle problems since the charcoal canister went bad. So, I put it on and have the exact same problem.

So, into the fishmobile we went and off to the first fishing hole. As we pulled up, I saw a big splash in the water. We stopped right there and went to the lake to put some worms in the water.

Several times a large splash would announce that another of God's creatures had lost it's bid for survival. We even saw him once, he was large and greenish and on the other side of the lake. Try as we might we could not entice him with our offerings of drowning worms. Off to the next fishing hole.

We tried several more spots with the same results, so when it got dark we packed it in (along with our remaining five undrowned worms) and went to have supper with the Southern Cruisers.

Not a bad way to waste a day.

Picture from http://www.fishing-pics.com/

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