02 April 2008


Neal Boortz had a story in the Nuze (link on the sidebar) about the latest oil company "questioning" in Congress.

Short story: the oil company execs went to Congress again, to explain to them again, the difference between profit and profit margin, which again the Congress doesn't understand since most of them have never held a position of responsibility in any kind of for-profit company in their lives.

And once again the execs played the lapdog, not a single one of them pointed out that they are complying with the law, that the "subsidies" that keep getting thrown back at them are in fact tax breaks that all American corporations take advantage of, and that their primary responsibility was to the shareholders, not to the hired temps that make up the Congress and Senate.

Where is Hank Rearden when you need him?

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Hammer said...

It's like explaining a corporation to a 3 year old. Actually a three year old would probably understand it better than most of congress.

Larry said...

You're absolutely right about that. Welcome back, by the way.