29 April 2008

What It Means

She got the results from her latest scan today.

The tumor has grown a little bit since the end of the radiation treatments, but not much.

She has come to the end of the line with radiation, there will be nothing but chemo from now on.

The tumor is too big to remove.

It will sit there at the top of the lung, laughing it's dark malignant laugh, until the day it takes her.

From here there are basically three paths.

Path one is that the tumor explodes into growth and she lasts months.

Path two is that it sits there, growing a bit at a time, and she lasts years.

Path three is that it shrinks on it's own, and she lasts forever.

Basically, she's like the rest of us in that she doesn't know how much longer she has left on God's green earth. Only He knows, and He is silent on the subject.

She does have the advantage on us, though, because she knows what it is that will do her in. At least, if nothing else gets her first.

So what do we do about it?

That's about all you can do.


Hammer said...

I've been into herbals medicines for almost 15 years and this has been widely used for years with good effect.

Found in temperate regions of Japan, North America and Europe, the Maitake mushroom is perhaps one of the better-known medicinal varieties. This may be in part because it's relatively easy to cultivate, The cancer research has been especially promising, indicating that the Maitake mushroom might actually have the capacity to stop cancer tumor growth and even shrink cancer tumors.

I've had tremendous results with most medicinal herbs so it might be worth a shot.

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by Hammer, I will have to look into your suggestion. Can't hurt, might help!

Mr. Fixit said...

I don't know what to say. But hang in there. You both are in my prayers.

Mr Fixit

Larry said...

Thanks Mr. Fixit. That means a lot.

Larry said...

don't worry so much dear I will be around along time to bug you....love you always BOO

Larry said...

Ha, well I guess that will teach me to leave this page up and unattended.