01 June 2008


Today was another fishing day.

Off to the store we go after a quick breakfast to get worms, soda and ice. We pack the sodas and ice into the cooler and off we go to the lake.

We get to the lake and open the tacklebox to put the worms inside for their brief walk from the trucklet to the lake when...

Oh yeah, THAT's where the last batch of worms went!

The smell was, to put it mildly, memorable.

Everything came out of the tacklebox and got washed at the lakeside, the smell is a little better but is certainly still with us. Mom won't allow the stinky thing inside her house, so further decon will have to take place naturally, through rain action.

We caught 5 fish between the two of us, all crappie, the largest about 5 inches long. They all went back into the lake.

Just as we were drowning the last two worms a man and his two girlfriends came down and between them caught a 10 inch bigmouth bass and two catfish, the smallest of which was at least 7 inches, in about 5 minutes time. They kept the bass but threw the catfish back after letting Christopher listen to them croaking.

What, you didn't know? Catfish croak. They sound like bullfrogs, but don't croak nearly as long or nearly as loud.

The catfish catcher was standing not 3 feet from me, and all I caught in that last hour was a 3 inch crappie.

Life ain't fair, I tell you. But, like the saying goes, it was better than a good day at work.


Hammer said...

I agree about the fishing being better than working.

I once saw a cooler full of bacon and hotdogs get left after a fishing trip.

The smell was as you describe..memorable

Larry said...

Yeah, I think bacon and hotdogs would be worse than worms. Thanks for stopping by Hammer, glad you are feeling better.