26 June 2008

This Just In

The Supreme Court, by a 5-4 decision, upholds the Constitution.

Not totally, and not enough, but perhaps enough for the camel to get it's nose under the tent.

Which is how we got to where we are at present, only in reverse.

Note to the NRA: here's something to work with. Don't blow it.


Hammer said...

I'd like to see this camel rip the tent down and take a dump on it.

I'm happy for the decision but many folks don't know what it's going to do. I see a lot more court cases in the near future.

James said...

Looks like they got this one right, sort of.

And to think that there are some who say that SC justice nominations aren't all that important.

Larry said...

Roger that, Hammer! And yes, the court cases should be coming quickly from here on out. We didn't lose this "essential liberty" overnight, it won't come back overnight either. Eternal vigilance.

SC Justice nominations are important James, but GWB didn't get them right at first either. Remember Harriet Miers?

The Senate does the whole advise and consent deal, so no matter who the President is the Senate is vital. Pres. Reagan couldn't get solid conservatives on the bench (like Robert Bork who's name is now a verb) because of the Democrat Senate, but GWB got two confirmed thanks to a (barely) Republican one.

It's up to we the people to hold their (the Senate's) feet to the fire - we elect them so we are their employer. It's more than past time to remind them of that.