05 October 2008

Budweiser American Ale

Eh, not bad. I still prefer Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but I could get used to one or two of these as well.

Heh. Is this a great country or what? Here we are, faced with certain death because of the credit crunch/Obama presidency/McCain presidency/big atomic collider thingie, and I have time to drink beer.

Maybe we should follow Jimmy Buffet's advice.


Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur said...

May as well get a buzz on. It is certainly a mtter of time before nannystate America 2.0 outlaws drinking...for our own good, of course.

Larry said...

Yep, and you know what road is paved with good intentions.
Thanks for dropping by BW.

The BoBo said...

Hey Larry, been waiting for some updated posts! I hope all is well with ya!

I gave up drinking about a decade ago..but..after living in Germany and imbibing on some fine dunkels over there - the only thing that I found even comparable here in the U.S. was the Sam Adams beers.

I do miss it on occasion..but..it's a fleeting moment! LOL.

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by BoBo. I got one or two in the hopper, working like an idiot lately so no time to blog. Next post is up soon.