28 August 2009

Book Review

I just put down Stephen King's Cell.

The part where he wrote about a .45 caliber Colt revolver was enough to give me a moment's pause. There is such a thing, but most times one refers to a .45 it's an M1911 or a clone thereof.

When he wrote about the human brain only working at 2% capacity I was done with the book.

Most people will quote the ten percent figure, and I will admit that I believed it as well until I read the Snopes entry about it. Where two percent came from I don't know.

Anyway, I'm back to the opinion that Stephen King hasn't written anything since The Dark Tower.


cary said...

45 caliber? That must be a bear to fit in your pants. I've shot a .50 caliber, and that thing was huge. 45 caliber? Just - wow.

He (and his editors) obviously weren't using all 2% of their brain capacity.

Larry said...

OK, so it was a .45 caliber wheelgun.

Consider my chops busted. It has now, as you see, been corrected.

Thanks for dropping by!

cary said...

Wasn't trying to bust YOUR chops - that's the kind of error that would get into print, and no one would notice until a firearm enthusiast type read the book...

I know you wouldn't make that error on purpose.