02 August 2009

On The Subject Of Heros

If you have not yet made the journey to E3 to see the three part series "A Soldier's Story" you need to do so now.

LT Cooper tells how it was to transport Marines from the safety of their transport ship via Higgins boats to the meatgrinder that was Tarawa, and later Iwo Jima.

He then tells the tragic tale of the KIA's of Tarawa being buried and forgotten amongst garbage, septic tanks and parking lots.

LT Cooper worries that we don't heed the lessons of history that were learned during the "ancient wars" that occurred before Viet Nam. The military remembers, and still applies the lessons learned so long ago in their operations today. Carrier operations and damage control methods learned the hard way under fire and kamikaze attacks are still being taught in today's Navy, and are still being used on ships like the USS Cole. Unfortunately, outside the military the nation has all but forgotten the lessons of these ancient wars.

These men deserve better. Please go watch the videos. Remember them.

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