31 August 2010

One More Time

By way of Jennifer's Head we find the Evyl Robot up on his Soapbox. Today's subject is yet another article on gun control.

Yes, it's been done before, and no it doesn't seem to do any good, because no one seems to be listening. But, after seeing this one paragraph, I just couldn't resist.

"A common argument among gun rights activists purport that concealed carry laws may greatly reduce the committal of such crimes but one must ask, how is this possible?"

How indeed. Let us continue.

"A person that decides to commit a crime such as murder or rape would not factor in their state's most recent legislation allowing concealed weapons in their decision to commit, or subsequently not commit, the aforementioned crime. This kind of logic simply does not make sense."

But it does make sense to assume that the would-be criminal will factor in the state's most recent legislation banning the very weapons they will use to commit, or subsequently not commit, the aforementioned crimes?

"Rather, it is highly likely that this person would still commit the crime undeterred and the best way to prevent this from happening is to prohibit the future criminal from having a gun in the first place."

Because in MAMBY PAMBY LAND (thanks Gunny Hartman!) the future criminal would all of a sudden pay attention to yet another gun ban, so this time they would not have a gun. Speaking of logic that does not make sense.

Of course, a more satisfying conclusion would be for the would-be rape or murder victim to be armed, and thus be more able to effectively counter the threat that their would-be assailant presents.

For the clue bereft (such as the author of this article), this effective counter would be evident in one of two ways; either the would-be assailant would begin to rapidly approach room temperature immediately following the initiation of the attack, or the would-be assailant would find a less hazardous line of work (or more tempting (IE, unarmed) targets - just look for the gun control bumper sticker).

And so now we see how concealed carry laws may greatly reduce "the committal of such crimes" either by reducing the number of perps or by increasing the likelihood that they will "factor in their state's most recent legislation allowing concealed weapons in their decision to commit, or subsequently not commit, the aforementioned crime."

Yes, I know. All of you in the choir may now be dismissed.

Updates made for the terminally clue-challenged. Also because MAMBY PAMBY LAND is just funnier than happy bunny land.


James said...

Amen, brother. Preach it!

Larry said...

Says the choir director ;)
Thanks for dropping by!

Brigid said...


Hope you are doing OK.

Big hug

Larry said...

I am doing well Brigid, big hug right back to you! I drove through your part of the country just a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks for dropping by!

Guy S said...

Hmmmmm shall we take a look at the City of Chicago, and his honor's fantastically low crime rate for crimes committed with any sort of firearm? You know, the city with big shoulders has some of the most stringent gun control laws on the books (even after the recent SCOTUS ruling). It only stands to reason they must also have the safest streets, parks, and other areas, than just about any other community in the country!!!

Wait a min. did you say their crime rate is one of the highest in the nation? That guns of all sorts are still finding their way into the hands of thugs and ner-do-wells?

How is such a thing possible?? [/sarc]

Larry said...

Unpossible you say? Indeed!
Now if there was only a way to figure out why that is...
Thanks for dropping by Guy!