07 August 2010

Soft Landing

Here we are in Iowa, after a harrowing trip down the Blue Ridge. As you can see, the valence is scraped and the wheel on the right front has been curbed. I also found a chip in the paint on the spoiler, a result of the rainstorm while we were there that knocked sticks and such out of the trees right on top of us. I won't be taking the car down the Blue Ridge Parkway any time again soon I can tell you!

I know I'm being ridiculous about this car, I know that the only way to keep the dings and chips off of it is to lock it up and never drive it, and I am not about to do that. But it's my first new car (and what a car it is!) so I'm trying to keep it nice and new for as long as I can.

The local Ford dealer is shut down, so I have contacted the nearest dealer and arranged to have a new wheel put on it. I contacted my Wake Forest dealer and arranged to have the valence panel replaced (the Red Oak dealer couldn't guarantee that the valence panel would get here in time).

At any rate, two days of traveling got us here and we have two weeks of visiting to do.

Click photos to embiggenate and see all the gory details

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