20 November 2010


NC-2 is done, it goes to Ellmers. After a recount, Etheridge gained six votes. Looks like he conceded gracefully after the recount, so that's points in his favor.

In Alaska it looks like Murkowski is the winner, but Joe Miller isn't going to be as graceful. Looks like commenter SINVILLE nailed that one.

Enough is enough Joe. Let it go.

BTW Alaska, if you wanted her why didn't you nominate her during the primary?

HT: The Ewok.


LC Aggie Sith said...

THAT is my question, Larry.

It is rather confusing to me. Miller wins the nomination, and Murkowski decides to be a wretch and do a write-in campaign. When the votes are tallied, she comes out ahead?? And notice that the dem was far behind than the amount of registered dem voters would indicate.

I think the dems wrote her in, personally, just to eff the republicans up.

Larry said...

Indeed I don't know. Apparently they have what they want though.
Thanks for dropping by Aggie!