05 December 2010

Snow Event

The first snowstorm of the season has come and gone, leaving us blanketed in a thin layer of white. The highs are expected to near 50 today, so by this afternoon quite a bit of this covering will be gone. It never really did stick to the paved surfaces, which makes driving a much more pleasant experience.

Yesterday morning Youngest Son and I took the Mustang out for a car event, and when we got back I didn't bother to put the cover back on it. I had not looked at the weather for the day, and the forecast from the day before said nothing about snow. The weatherman can't always predict what is going to occur within days, but the "climatologists" would have you believe they can predict what the weather is going to be like decades from now. But I digress.

It sits under a covering of snow right now, but in a moment I will go out and start it up. I'll let it warm as I clear the windows, the heat from the motor will loosen the snow on it's hood enough to slide it off without damaging paint (this car has the most fragile paint that I have ever had on a car) and then I'll take it out to blow most of the snow off of it's top and trunk. After that it will sit in the sun, and by the time I have to go to work this afternoon it will be dry so that I can put the cover on it again.

Boots and I went out to walk the perimeter this morning and the wind was already knocking big chunks of snow out of the trees. When it would pick up the snow would fall and swirl almost as if it were falling from the sky for the first time. I love the morning right after a snow, the world is quiet as if it is spending another hour or so in bed nestled under it's glistening blanket.

I like this type of snow best of all (or perhaps more to the point, I dislike it the least) because the roads don't get covered and by the time I have to go to work the pavement should be mostly dry. Within a few days it will be gone as if it had never come.


Laura said...

We had snow last year, for a day. I hope we have it again, but only if I don't have to drive in it. People go insane (well, more insane than usual) when it snows. Or rains. Or the wind blows.

Larry said...

Yep, people get pretty stupid up here, too, when the weather is less than perfect. Snow for one day and then gone is best of all.
Thanks for dropping by Laura!