28 December 2010


We have returned home safe and sound. The snow has for the most part melted off of all the roads, so there was no slipping on the trip back.

When I got back I cleared the snow off of the poor little Scoobytruck and started him up for the first time in a week. He came right to life and warmed up without any issues, so I guess he survived the storm OK.

Tomorrow we will take the Scoobytruck up to Roanoke to see Eldest Sister, and then back here for the New Year where we will open up the remaining presents under the tree.

That will conclude the holiday season at the Refuge. I hope you and yours had a good one as well.


robot said...

Happy New Year, Larry. Hope yours is a great one!

Guy S said...

Sounds like you had a Christmas full of family, laced with memories. May the New Year find you in good spirits,health, and prosperity.

Time has a way of taking places which we remember with at least some fondness, and sending them off into the dust bin of history. My last command no longer exists, the one before that still does, but the base it was located at is non existant (NAS Glenview...now an upscale community and indoor shopping mall. There is NOTHING left of the base.), the one before that, well the base is still there, but the command has been struck from the records. We shall see what the cost of all the downsizing over the years is going to really cost us when our expected obligations or an honest to god multi threat environment demands more then we are able to give.

Larry said...

May the New Year be good to you and yours as well Guy S, thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

Happy New Year MNR!