25 February 2011

Be Prepared

Yesterday there was a message on my phone from the Sheriff's Department. My CWP was ready to be picked up.

This morning I put the Grok in it's plastic case, put the case in the back of the Baja under the Ozzbros cover, and went to the Sheriff's Department.

After getting the permit in hand and placing the Grok in it's holster I went to the gun store to see if I could find another holster for IWB carry. Florida's laws are such that any exposure is a violation, so I needed something to carry to Eldest Daughter's house.

They had an Uncle Mike's IWB holster that fit the bill, so I've been carrying with it all day to get used to it. It should do the trick quite nicely.

It has also been a beautiful day, temperatures in the seventies and partly cloudy. Right now the sky is clear and blue and it's 72 degrees. I fired the grille up and did some burgers and steaks.

And so with supper out of the way, I think I'll go for a ride.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! From what I hear, the Florida legislature is working on softening the language in the law regarding mandatory concealment, or even (gasp) allowing permitted open carry.

It was a beautiful day, for sure. Thanks for the reminder - I need to make sure my grill is still serviceable.


Larry said...

I've been following the open carry debate in Florida as well, it would be nice if they would soften it some.
It's not just Florida that has such laws though, and I can carry all the way to my parent's house in Iowa as long as I go through Tennessee and avoid the People's Republic of Illinois all together. I just want to be prepared for any situation is all.
Thanks for dropping by James!