29 September 2011

Making Browncoats

Brigid and Guffaw have stories up about creating Firefly fans, which leads me to mention this.

My 12 year old accompanied me to Charlotte last Friday for a get-together with some Mustang folks. It's a three hour ride from here to there, so he took a DVD player along.

What did he take to watch? Firefly!

I've often thrown Firefly quotes out, one of my favorites is "I'd like to be king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat."  When he saw that episode he laughed right out loud.

I think he's hooked.


Da Curly Wolf said...

oh yes..Firefly is awesome.

Larry said...

Indeed it is.
Thanks for dropping by!

Brigid said...

Browncoats -- Next Generation!!

Larry said...

Because we are just too pretty for God to let us die. [or at least one of us is ;) ]
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!