11 September 2011


With the new hard drive installed and a second fresh install of Windows XP, an updated audio driver and some new program files it looks like the magic elf box is once more online.

I'll play with Ubuntu later now that I have the extra disk space.


Mike Mendez said...

There are many distributions (distros) of Linux out there. I'm an advocate of "Open Source" and believe it is the way things will eventually migrate. My favorite distro is Mandriva, which you can download free. It's a French distro built on Redhat's package manager (RPM).
Happy Hacking!

Larry said...

Thanks Mike, I think I've figured out the cause of at least one of the issues.

Da Curly Wolf said...

yeah mine went *splat* and it took me a month and a half before I was back online. oh my lord the withdrawl. :)

Larry said...

Fortunately I had the laptop to tide me over.
Thanks for dropping by!