20 June 2012

And We're Off

Today is Youngest Son's last day at school.

He wants to go down to Florida and spend about a month with his sister, so in a half an hour or so I'll go pick him up in the Scoobytruck and off we go.

I'm taking the trucklet because Pop has more stuff from his garage to come back with me. I should be able to get everything in without the trailer this time.

When I go to get Youngest Son at the end of next month I'll be driving the pony. It just about kills me to be in Florida without my convertible, but at least the Scooby is a good beach car.

Blogging light since I'll be on my cell card, for some reason I can't post comments when I'm on the road. Keep posting though, I'll be around.


Anonymous said...

Drive safe, my friend. Just a reminder, you're WAY overdue for a range trip.

Larry said...

Will do and yes I am. We will have to rectify that soon.
Thanks for dropping by!