25 June 2012

Home Again

I think everything that Pop wanted to send back has been sent back. All of it fit in the back of the little scoobytruck like I thought it would, and I didn't even have to fold down the rear seats.

The ride back was rain-soaked all the way through Florida and Georgia, the sun came out halfway through South Carolina and then it was just the occasional sprinkle from there.

South Carolina has gas for less than $3.00 per gallon, the best price I saw was $2.979 but I understand it can be had for even less if you look hard enough. See North Carolina? It can be done! (For the record, our prices are pretty much the same as Florida.)

The speed limit on I-95 is 70 MPH all the way through Florida, Georgia and South Carolina with the occasional drop to 65 MPH in the cities.  The speed limit through North Carolina on I-95 is 65 MPH except for a brief spot through Fayett-nam that is 70. Maybe just a bit backwards? (The limit on I-40 is 70.)

I-95 was full of idiots, as usual, but the craziest thing was I-40 just before we got into Raleigh. The exit for Highway 70 was closed, and for some reason they had closed the right lane off as well, so traffic was backed up for a few miles.

Other than that...a pretty good trip. Next time I take the convertible.


RabidAlien said...

I was rather excited Sunday morning, as I topped of my truck for $3.14/gal. Then it hit me...I was topping off for frikkin $3.14/gal!!!! That's insane! I was wondering how much of this (very slow) gas price drop is due to upcoming elections..."hey, vote for me!!! See? Gas prices have come down $0.20!!!! Nevermind that they went up $2.00, THEY'RE COMING DOWN! Please...someone vote for me...pretty please...?"

Larry said...

I saw on the news (yeah, I know) that the demand has decreased which causes the price to drop. They said the refineries have completed their summer changeover quicker than they had planned, too, which makes a difference.
I just remember when GW Bush was Pres and said he was going to open the coasts to drilling and the prices took a nosedive overnight. But of course, the two things weren't related (according to teh Dems)...
Thanks for dropping by RA!

Garand Gal said...

Yeah, even when prices were good way back when we'd tank up at south of the border and keep on motoring until we hit Virginia.

Larry said...

Yep, Virginia runs a bit lower than we do as well. NC has a sliding scale for gas tax so it gets progressively worse. Gotta love that.
Thanks for dropping by Garand Gal!