12 September 2012

Rabbit Holes

Any time any sort of discussion regarding disaster preparedness, be it natural or "man made", takes place it doesn't take long before the rails completely disappear into the sand (or in this case, the comments section).

I was following along pretty well, even through the inevitable "AR's SUCK!!!!" "No, YOU SUCK!!!" portion, until the space aliens (or more accurately, their reverse-engineered conveyances) showed up.

And to think...these people are walking around un-medicated, without muzzles or leashes or anything...

(for the record, I'm gathering up all the ginger wimmenz for my post-apocalyptic underground secret bunker fortress-like compound to become my world-conquering Amazon army. They will likely then kill me in my sleep so the Amazon Queen can take over the whole shebang. Such is the life of a nascent dictator.)


RabidAlien said...

Ooooooo....a bunker full of redheads? Ya know...the benefits might actually outweigh the drawbacks to that plan! Where can I get a ticket?!

Larry said...

Bring liquor and ammo.