21 September 2012

"Who Are You Voting For?"

I guess my reaction startled her a bit because she stepped back, clipboard in a defensive posture over her chest. All I really did was stop short with my hand on the door handle and abruptly turn my head towards her. "Romney" I snapped. "You are registered then?" she asked. I replied to the affirmative and she scurried away to bother some other mall-goer.

I really shouldn't have been so short with her I guess, she was only doing the job that...someone...put her up to, but I really didn't think it was her business. Funny thing though, an Asian woman who had been following me in answered that she didn't know who she was voting for but caught up with me once inside.

It turns out that she, too, will be a Romney voter, and for pretty much the same reason as me. Romney wasn't my guy...in fact I really didn't have a favorite although I liked Perry...but ol' Mitt has stepped up pretty well lately so I think I can vote for him without holding my nose. (I might still have to breathe through my mouth until I get back outside, time will tell.)

She said that she would be voting Romney because Teh One has done such a stellar job, and even if Romney was a total and abysmal failure he would still be orders of magnitude better than TFG. I told her not to forget the down-ticket races, that it is even more important to control the House and Senate, and she went off on her way.

I'm getting quite a bit of that in fact, when folks realize that I won't be pulling the "D" lever come election day they come clean and "admit" to being a conservative as well. They have just learned not to wear their political affiliation on their sleeves, it just saves time and irritation (case in point, Youngest Daughter had one of her customers tell her if she was voting for Romney then little miss O'bot would "have to sit her down and show her some pictures to get her mind straight" which is just the sort of thing that most of us don't really want to bother with. It's probably good I wasn't there, I have been known to get rude sometimes and oh boy can I find some pictures for her).

Anyway, as Roberta so succinctly put it, you can at least get rid of the worst offenders and the SCoaMF has certainly earned his spot (right next to James Earl Carter, and that's doing something right there to make Carter look good) on that list. That has to be worth something.

And if nothing else, voting gives me the right to bitch about it for the next four years.


agirlandhergun said...

Yep. I don't care what anyone says, we have got to get the current guy out!

Larry said...

That's a fact.

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!

Robert Fowler said...

"And if nothing else, voting gives me the right to bitch about it for the next four years."

I've always thought that too. People that bitch about the situation and don't vote piss me off. We should bring back the stocks just for them.

Larry said...

Roger that, it would be a good use for rotten tomatoes.

Thanks for dropping by Robert!