05 December 2012


Apparently every well-formed 'Murrican card has at its corners an M1 Garand (but an M1A may suffice), a 1903 Springfield, a custom built AR of some sort, and a 1911 in the proper caliber of .45ACP. Much to my shame I have none of the above. Instead I have a Mosin 91/30, an Arisaka T30, a .223 Saiga and a Glock 36.

I don't think it counts that three of the above are on my Guns I Want list (1903 Springfield? Sorry, no desire for one) but maybe I can get a point or two for my Glock being a single-stack in the correct caliber.


Anonymous said...


Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I also have none of the corners on my card.

I don't even have a 1911 :(

But I do have the irony of having a Mosin Nagant (or more) and an Italian pistol (Tanfoglio GT-380) as part of my collection. Foreign guns protecting American freedoms; yeah extra irony points make up for the lack of corners.

Knitebane said...

Don't feel bad. I have the 1911 (actually I have a LOT of 1911's) but none of the other three, nor do I want them.

Instead I have AKs, an FAL and a rifle that serious shooters (as opposed to USMC fanboys) consider superior to the Naught-Three, the Lee Enfield Short Magazine. I have one both in .303 British and an Ishapore in .308 Win.

And I don't understand the attaction of either the Garand or the Poodle Shooter. The Garand is heavy, complicated, short on magazine space and expensive. The M1A variants fix some of that but are still heavy, complicated and expensive. The FAL has fewer parts and is lighter.

And Larry Vickers recently ran a test out at Gunsite with a Daniels Defense AR and a bone stock AK on a 13-stage course of fire. The targets were all 150 to 150 yards away and it basically ended up a tie. So much for the vaunted superiority of the AR platform.

Then again, some people say you aren't a Murrican if you don't lust for a Camaro or Corvette. I'm sure you have an opinion on that too, no?

Larry said...

Yep, I might an opinion on that...and my brother in law has a different one. It's a great country, isn't it? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...no matter how wrong it is.

Thanks for dropping by Knitebane!

Larry said...

3boxesofbs, both the Mosin ('43) and the Saiga are Russians (although the Saiga was built after the Wall came down it was still made in the same factory as the AK's so I call them my Commie rifles) and you are right, there is something somewhat ironical about using Commie weapons to defend American freedoms.

Thanks for dropping by! (That's a great nic, BTW.)