19 December 2012

Sparking Outrage

I have a location suggestion for the next unhinged nutbag to go off on a murderous rampage.

I'll bet no one would protest at the funerals, although there might be quite a few show up just to make sure.


Erin Palette said...

Hell, I'll chip in for the ammo fund!

RabidAlien said...

Nah, he'd be welcomed with open arms. Unhinged nutbags recognize one another, and only perpetrate their evil on non-unhinged nutbags.

Should that whole group happen to pass all at the same time, I imagine that there would be a turnout for the funeral. Personally, I'm contributing the popcorn. Anybody up for some BBQ ribs? Who's got the keg?

Larry said...

Have grill, will travel. I love cooking ribs on the grill, we'll take up a collection for the keg.

I posted this on the book of faces and was immediately blasted from the usual suspects. You know how it is. Good to see I won't be alone in that special hell that I've heard so much about because of that posting.

Thanks for dropping by Erin and RA!