19 January 2013

Gun Show

We got there right at 9 AM and took 5 minutes of walking to find the end of the line. It wrapped all the way around the building and back out into the parking lot.

It took about an hour and a half to get in the door once the line started moving. I walked around the perimeter of the convention center and finally found the GRNC booth. I volunteered at the booth for a few hours and then went walkabout to see what I could see.

It was about that time that * Cletus shot himself two people with an unloaded pistol shotgun and "slightly" injured a deputy (violating rules 1 through 3 all four rules in the commission of said act) and just like that the show was over and everyone had to go home.

I can now transfer "Go to a Gun Show" from my "Things To Do Before I Die" list to my "Things I Am Not Likely To Do Again (Whilst Sober/On Purpose)" list.

I should have gone to the Guns Across America rally instead.

*UPDATE: Contrary to what I was told as we were leaving the building, Cletus touched off his scattergun, not his pistol, and hit two bystanders with the pellets while showing the nice deputy it was unloaded ("slightly" wounding the deputy's hand in the process). The Refuge staff would like to thank commenter cthulhu at Ace of Spades HQ for the correction.

UPDATE Part II: Now it's not real clear whether it was Cletus who touched off the scattergun or Deputy Fife. Either way, Cletus brought a scattergun to the show with a round in the chamber, someone violated rules 1 and 3 at a bare minimum, and a bad day was had by all involved, thus adding credence to the statement "There are four rules, violating any 2 will result in a bad day."


Knitebane said...

If you stop going to Fun Shows, the terrorists win.

That said, we aren't going this weekend either. Between the pictures of the line that went almost all the way across the parking lot and the wife getting a chance to work tomorrow in exchange for being off next Saturday in order to attend the open carry meetup, we're skipping this one.

We're not really in the market for anything old and a gun show really isn't a place to buy something new. The prices are for suck. And what with the ammo shortage, the one thing that makes the gun show worth attending, buying in bulk without paying shipping, isn't likely to generate good deals.

But we'll probably attend the C&E show in February.

Larry said...

I saw a guy carrying a sardine can of 7.62x54R that he paid a buck and a quarter for, but I have enough of that for the average Russian peasant to re-fight WW2.

.223 is going for ridiculous to outrageous right now and everything else is twice what it should be (although I did see some ARs for only half again what they should be).

The crowning event was Cletus shutting the place down at 1:30, I'm glad I hadn't just showed up cause there were no refunds. Add to that my overall dislike of people in general and it was just something I don't think I plan to do again.

Thanks for dropping by Knitebane!

MSgt B said...


"Yeah, I'm sure it's not loaded. Lookie here."


Larry said...

Yep MSgtB, the only good thing is he didn't kill anyone.

Thanks for dropping by!