16 January 2013

Taking Stock

When I bought the Maverick 88 it had the pistol grip stock on it, but I switched it back over to the factory stock. I don't really know why, I guess I just thought a pistol grip on a shotgun was a bit much.

But, considering what just happened in New Yawk, and considering that recent polls show that 52 percent of my fellow Americans think they should be able to restrict my rights regardless of what "that little book" says, I've decided to put the scary black pistol grip stock back on it.

The only problem is my shell sock doesn't fit the pistol grip stock since it is thinner along its length. Adjustments must be made I guess, it fits if it is pulled back over the sling swivel attach point. I don't have a sling for it anyway so I won't miss it...yet. Maybe I should put a tacticool mall-ninja adjustable stock on it, then I can hang one of these bad boys on it...and a tri-rail for the forward sling attach point...

To hell with being nice. I aim to misbehave.


eiaftinfo said...

Nice!! I suspect more than a few will follow Capt. Mal's path in coming days.

Stephen said...

Me too, Bubba. Misbehave is now my middle name.

Robert Fowler said...

Me too. It is a badge of honor for us old Military guys to disobey unlawful orders. I hope the guys in now feel the same way. I know my Grandson,(Lcpl USMC) feels that way. We talked about it over his last leave.

Semper Fi and Carry On.

Larry said...

I'm hearing it from all of my gun-owning friends, none of them are willing to give up their property on the whims of the politicians. Hopefully this resolve only hardens as the days go by instead of going the other way.

One thing for certain, the 7 round magazine limit got Elmer Fudd's attention. Maybe now he will wake up to the fact that the grabbers don't just want the Evil Black Rifles, they want them all.

Thanks for dropping by gentlemen. Ooh-rah to the grandson from a fat old retired squid Robert.