15 April 2013


When I got up I turned on the news and caught the story of a bomb going off at the Boston Marathon.

May God have mercy on the victims, and the Devil have none for the perpetrators.

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RabidAlien said...

Amen. Said a prayer for the victims (the true victims, not those who heard about it over the water cooler in Nebraska, and will claim "emotional trauma" and try to sue someone) already. Will not check the news for the next two, maybe three days, because it'll be nothing more than the usual talking head lineup, somber-looking news anchor exhorting people to "stay tuned, late-breaking news" every two minutes (while not having any new, late-breaking news to break), and interviews with fearful-sounding housewives who read about it on Facebook while posting a recipe involving capers (which shall forevermore remind them of this tragic day, and therefore they are unable to cook with capers any more *sniffsniffsobsob*).

May the perpetrators be blessed with the fleas of a thousand camels infesting their nether regions (and the unmitigated attention of the most depraved Guantanamo interrogators) for eternity.