16 May 2013


This came in the mail today:

Going by the Appleseed brochure, it's easy to see that Tech Sights know their target audience (I cut the top of it off when I cut the package open).

 The sights came pre-assembled and ready for installation, but the instructions show how to break them down if needed.

Installation was a snap, requiring only a flat blade screwdriver. First, remove the factory front sight by removing the mounting screw. It lifts right off.

Put a dab of LocTite on the new front sight mounting screw and tighten the new front sight down right where the old one came off.

The new front sight is taller than the factory sight and consists of a post with protective ears on each side. The allen screw in the front tightens the front post down.

The rear sight is even easier to install because nothing has to come off. Just put the rear sight down on the cast-in rail and tighten the mounting nut with a flat blade screwdriver.

Elevation adjustments are made by turning the knob just under the sight. It has white hash marks on it. Note the azimuth hash marks underneath the elevation adjustment knob.

Adjust the azimuth with a flat bladed screwdriver. (Pay no attention to the green crayon marks.)

I can't wait to get this rifle to the range so I can sight it in and have a bit of fun with it!

Note to the FTC: I paid for these sights with my own money, for my own use. The rope is hanging in the corner right over there.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice. I can offer you my range access card (highly against the rules, but whatever), but I can't accually accompany you before next Monday, Memorial Day, which I am supposed to have off. Just like I was supposed to get the whole effing weekend and Monday off. But I know you work, so that won't work even if I do by some fluke get the day off. I'll email you if they reconsider and give us back the whole weekend.

Larry said...

Yep, Monday will be a work day for me. I actually need to sight both rifles in, I put a cheap Tasco scope on the 60. I've got it roughly sighted but it needs to be fine-tuned.