15 May 2013


Saturday was the Heart of Carolina car show.

Sunday we were putting everything away from the car show.

Monday I went to get my new rifle.

Yesterday I got a new string trimmer and did some trimming and hedge work, cut through the electric cord for the hedge trimmer, got a new cord, and finished trimming the hedges.

Today I'm going to get a leaf blower, visit my jailbird son, level the riding lawn mower deck and mow the yard.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned, and I intend to do it all day (unless something else comes up).

Friday I'm actually going to clean the car up for a car show.

Saturday is the Mustangs of Burlington car show (the link is to last year's show).

Sunday my vacation is over and I'll have to go back to work.

It's been a pretty good week, all things considered.


Anonymous said...

At least one of us is having fun this week.

Larry said...

Sunday all good things come to an end...