03 April 2014

April Showers

Yesterday the weatherman said it was going to be warm and sunny today, but it is decidedly cool and overcast instead and these water drops falling down look suspiciously like the rain that wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow.

Today the weatherman says we are going to get some rain showers and tomorrow is going to be the sunny and warm day. Saturday and Sunday are going to be cooler and partly to mostly sunny, which is fine because Saturday the new Mossberg 30-06 is supposed to get its inaugural run.

Today is also Middle Daughter and Son-In-Law's fourth anniversary.

And also, since it is a new month...

April's redhead, Lydia Hearst, is brought to you courtesy of Maxim Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Killin' me, you are!



Larry said...

Glad to be of service gfa. :D

RabidAlien said...

blah blah weather blah.....REDHEAD! Bless you, kind sir, bless you!

Larry said...

Sometimes wading through the trivia pays off. ;)