25 April 2014

Customer Service

When I went looking for deer rifles the one I really really wanted was the Remington 700 CDL.

I didn't have the extra cash to spend on the Remington, and I really couldn't justify the cost for what amounts to a brush gun (I wanted the rifle for Bambi, and where I hunt is usually within shotgun range), so I ended up with the Mossberg.

It may not have the pinpoint accuracy of the 700, but it shoots minute-of-Bambi at 100 yards and the $600 difference in prices between the two will buy a lot of ammo*. Yet and still I lust after the blued steel and American walnut of the CDL.

However, given Linoge's recent experience with Remington's customer service, I think I'll be shopping the used gun market when it comes time to upgrade.

Note to Remington...the proper response would have been "We will immediately ship you a brand-new rifle to the FFL of your choice at our cost, please have him send us the old one (also at our cost) so we may analyze it and determine where our manufacturing and quality assurance processes failed."

*and a Boyds wooden stock to satisfy the "blued steel and American walnut" wantingness. I've heard that we did well this quarter...maybe there's another bonus on its way soon...

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