18 October 2006

Cats and Dogs

Howard Dean feels your pain.

Something I have noticed about Democrats and Republicans, when a Democrat is faced with scandal he first denies anything has happened, then calls his accusers liars/racists/haters and claims the "evidence" is made up, then when the evidence is proven he refuses to take any responsibility for the wrongdoing, fights to stay in office, and disdains any attempt to censure him
The Republican on the other hand immediately goes into a hand-wringing apology, resigns from public office, and is later (with exceptions, such as Duke Cunningham) found to be not guilty of any wrongdoing.

The MSM usually will support the Democrat through the whole process, but will throw the Republican under the bus at the first opportunity. This is called the "moral high ground", something that the Republicans own, the Democrats don't want, and apparently isn't worth any strategic or tactical advantage.

I think we ought to just fire every single politician in both House and Senate and hire a whole new bunch, that way maybe we can get something done with them.

While we're at it, how about having the intestinal fortitude to call a traitor a traitor?

But at least the TSA is finally getting a clue. I wonder how long it will last?

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