11 October 2006

Dinner And A Show

It's a slow news day.

As I peruse the online news sources I see that Jerry Sullivan, the owner of the Cafe Erotica (We Dare to Bare!) in St John's County FL, has died at his Gainsville home in Florida. His fine dining establishments could also be found in North Carolina and Georgia along I-95 under the Cafe Risque banner. I tried one of them out once but have to say it was a rather uncomfortable dining experience. Oh the food and service were good enough, but I felt kind of rude eating during the performance. But, fear not diners, the show will go on!

"The world is a less interesting place with Jerry gone, but he was also a good businessman and a good family man," said Sullivan's attorney, Gary Edinger. "He's made arrangements so his various business interests will go forward as they always have."

Good to know if I'm ever jonesing for a hamburger and a floor show somewhere along I-95. Not likely since my significant other would probably be along for the trip, but nice just in case.

In other news, the first lawsuits have been filed for the Apex fire that I mentioned earlier. 4 days from end of fire to beginning of legal action, but according to the plaintiff and the attorney, it's not about the money. It's about holding the company responsible. Which means that it's about the money. Funny, I thought there should at least be an investigation first.

Last but not least, this is the danger of nuclear proliferation. Maybe this would work...

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