17 February 2010

On The Road

To the guy behind me, flashing your lights in my rear-view because 55 in a 45 isn't fast enough for you; do you drive a BMW because you're a D-bag, or are you a D-bag because you drive a BMW?

I know a couple who drive a BMW and aren't pretentious D-bags, and I know quite a few pretentious D-bags who don't drive BMWs, but given the frequency that they seem to be found together leads me to wonder if pretentious D-bag isn't a BMW target demographic.

At any rate, riding my bumper and flashing your lights won't get me to pull over on a narrow 2 lane road so you can pass. It will just get me to slow down to 35 in a 45.

Which leads me to my next question, am I an A-hole because I drive a Pontiac, or do I drive a Pontiac because I'm an A-hole?

Whatever. It's the wife's car anyway.


James said...

Is it that we're not pretentious or not d-bags? Just so I know which to work on...

Seriously, I think it is a different version of the entitlement attitude. I'm driving a luxury car, ergo I am important. You Pontiac-driving peasants need to cower in the face of my obvious supremacy.

Good on ya for taking the twit down a peg.

Larry said...

Work on both, that way you have all the bases covered.
My unworthy Pontiac shudders before the mighty awesomeness that is BMW. Either that or it's the front struts needing replacement.
Thanks for dropping by!

cary said...

Beemers are a pain. As a cab driver on some days, they seem to be the ones who are surprised the most by A) speed limits that are enforced, B) Traffic Lights that are red, and C) cab drivers who think nothing of boxing them in when they are acting like idiots behind the wheel.

Heh heh heh.

Larry said...

Cab drivers wouldn't do that, would they?
Thanks for dropping by Cary!