31 March 2010

More Lights

In my attempts to promote LED lights I replaced some blown out halogen bulbs in my half bath with some GE LED units. I was hoping they would be as good as the Topco units I put in my kitchen fixtures. Again the disclaimer, I work for the company that makes the LEDs that go into the Topco bulbs. Not the bulbs themselves, just the LEDs.

I don't know who makes the LEDs for the GE lights, but they suuuuuuuck! If you are considering LED lighting, take a pass on the GE GU10 LED lights. Go right ahead and spend the money for the Topco lights for your down-lighting fixtures though.

(Down-lighting fixtures are the kinds that the bulb globe points downward in, usually hung from the ceilings or mounted on poles. The Topco units have a metal lower globe (the end nearer the screw in base) and a translucent upper globe, so the light projects in a half-circle from the top of the bulb. They work extremely well in down-light fixtures, less so in lamps or other fixtures where the globe points upwards.)

Tomorrow I'll go uptown and get some halogens to put back in the bathroom.

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