08 March 2010

Reading Materials

Moose from Alone: King of One left a comment in the post below that made me kind of ashamed that I hadn't posted about his link. I posted the link without explanation or fanfare, but I usually put at least a little blurb about the new links. I failed to do so with this one, and I need to make amends. So, here goes!

On the links at the right you will find "King of One" which is a story by the aforementioned Moose. I found his story by way of Monster Hunters International, which by now I hope needs no further explanation.

The link takes you to the chapters of his story. It's a good read. You should go read the whole thing and enjoy it immensely.

Why are you still here?


Moose1942 said...

Thanks for the nice post about my "book."

I appreciate it. I don't really care where the link goes, people can click on what they want.

Larry said...

I'm sure they can find their way from where the link puts them.
Well done Moose, keep up the good work!