07 March 2010

Off The Air

I've been out of the loop for the last couple of days. The wife fell ill on Wednesday evening, so Friday she went to the ER. They found nothing, but was able to put enough fluids, anti-nausea medicine and painkillers in her that she was feeling better.

Yesterday the nausea and pain was back with a vengeance, so back to the ER we went. They ended up keeping her overnight, so now I'm waiting on a phone call to say that either she's ready to come home or they are keeping her longer.

She has recently started a new chemo therapy with pills instead of IV's, so I'm wondering if it's a reaction to the new meds. If they end up keeping her another night she will be able to see her oncologist tomorrow.

The house seems empty without her.

UPDATE: They are going to keep her another day, most likely so they can consult with the oncologist tomorrow although they haven't said that for sure. Boy and I will take her some clothes later, after they get done drying.

Puppy can't go, so he's moping.

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