14 May 2010


Someone please tell Tonya Harding that no, a train cannot stop for a truck on the railroad crossing. It can't even slow down so that you would notice. It's called physics, and it's the reason there are laws against vehicles stopping across the railroad tracks, and none saying the train has to yield the right-of-way.

In fact, that path that the rails follow? Yeah, it's called a right-of-way, and it always belongs to a train. Funny thing about it is, the right-of-way doesn't move. That means you always know where it is, so you can always stay out of it.

I know, it's just a dumb-ass show, but part of the humor is with these celebutards showing just how moronic the people in the videos are. It's not as funny when the celebutards are just as stupid as the subjects. It just somehow detracts from the whole experience.

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