11 May 2010


Last year Eldest Daughter got put through the legal wringer when a drop she made after hours at the bank came up missing.

After the dust had cleared, so was she. The investigation was bungled from the start, the authorities were not called in until three weeks after the event at which time the bank's tapes had been recorded over and the "investigators" were more interested in wrangling a confession from her than they were in finding out what had happened.

My thoughts are that there was some sort of clerical error (the money got credited to the wrong account, for instance) but later I found out that one of the bank managers had disappeared under mysterious circumstances (no foul play, but one day they were just gone). This was not the first time the company had had problems with this bank, either, but for some reason they stay there.

At the insistence of one of the managers her employment was terminated, so she took that time to go back to school. Like so many in this economy she hasn't been able to find another job, and had to put out money to the courts to get her good name cleared.

Last week that manager was taken into Federal custody for embezzlement and faces state charges for larceny for stealing lottery tickets and cash from her employer. The same employer, by the way. Her actions were all captured on hidden cameras, so there is no doubt.

Mama tried to raise me right and told me not take pleasure at the misfortunes of others, but I can't help but find a great deal of humor in this particular ironic case.


Mike Mendez said...

I don't believe in Karma. But nobody can get away with doing wrong forever - it will eventually be discovered.
Your daughter made the right choice, a good name and clear conscience is worth more than some crappy job.

Larry said...

The old saying is what goes around comes around.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!