08 May 2010

With Bells On

I have been riding (legally) since I was fourteen and have owned the Harley for over twenty years now, but I had never heard this story.

One of my co-workers bought himself a V-Rod as a divorce present (incidentally, that's how I got my FXRS-Sp) and one of his friends bought him a bell to go on it.

The legend of the bell has it that evil road spirits (we in the aviation world call them "gremlins") cannot abide the sound of bells, get caught in the hallow (the bell-shaped part) where the constant ringing drives them crazy, fall out and cause potholes.

To maximize the effect, the bell must be given to you. If you buy your own, the magic is much diminished and may not work at all.

Here's a link to Crazy Eddie's where you can find the entire story.

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